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Why do you need an Access Door?

When it comes to construction, especially when there is a focus in commercial and industrial projects, access doors and panels are becoming an asset if not being commonly considered for projects. For many contractors, access panels are becoming a solution and option for clients looking to enhance accessibility, create versatility and functionality.

Access panels may not be the first thing a client thinks of when they are seeking a wall, floor or roof solution. It is for this reason why it can be hard for contractors and builders to sell the idea of using access doors and panels; however, as will be discussed, there is so much to gain when installing an access panel and door to any project. One thing that a contractor and builder can consult with their clients to show the benefits of an access panel and door, they can demonstrate why it is they need an access panel or door.

To best understand why we share the following…


When it comes to access panels and doors, some clients may not realize that the panel can offer many purposes. It is for this reason that a contractor or builder will want to discuss the needs of the client with what the access panel can offer. For example, a client may think that the only way to gain or provide access to tight and not so easily accessible spaces is via a door of sorts, when in fact access panels can not only create this access point but it can also provide security. The purpose of an access panel and what the client is hoping to accomplish will allow the contractor to provide the best option and solution.

When the contractor or builder can fully understand the purpose of their requirements, then they can truly define the best building solution and option.

Safety and Security

When it comes to commercial and industrial buildings, safety and security are two major factors for clients often wanting to invest in the best option and solution. This means that when it comes to access panels, they may not always know what an access panel has to offer. When it comes to commercial kitchens, access panels are commonly used and recommended, especially when it comes to air vents and fireproofed access panels.

The installation of an access panel is a business like a restaurant, or a factory can benefit significantly from one of the many access panels available in the market. From fire to soundproof panels and air vents, access panels allow business owners to enhance the safety and security of the building. More importantly, access panels that are correctly installed and selected will adhere to building codes and requirements.


Access panels can unexpectedly fulfill a gap that a client may not have realized they had. Access panels and doors provide a level of functionality that is often limited by other building solutions. A door that is meant to create access may not prevent noise transference, a hatch may not have vents to allow for smoke to escape and airtight panels may not actually prevent the seeping of outside elements. With the investment of an access panel, the functionality becomes two-fold if not more.

When a client is looking to install an access panel, they can also pick an access panel that doubles as being insulated or fireproof. The functionality of a panel will massively vary based on the material that it is made from. For example, contractors would not recommend the use of plastic for any exterior installs, if anything, they would ensure that the access panel is rust proof.

Budget Friendly

Looking to ensure that the budget is kept can be hard. Some factors are beyond any contractor or builders’ control. From materials to labour, any time there is a change or something that was not predicted it can lead to increases in cost; however if there is one building product that a contractor can rely on to keep costs low it is the access panel. While the price will vary on the material and size, access panels can be a cost-friendly solution to any project.

Depending on the size of the project and the suppliers, contractors may be able to purchase access panels at a bulk rate and discount.

Builder Better and Smarter

Access panels have been around for decades and centuries. Initially, they were meant just to be a wall that could be easily installed and moved; however, over time and with the progression of technology, the access panel has evolved to be so much more. When a contractor or builder can incorporate an access panel or door to their project, they are enhancing the space, but more importantly, they are building smart. Access panels offer a unique level of versatility that is unlike any building product in the market. There are very few products that a contractor or builder can use that can meet various requirements.

With access panels and doors, contractors and builders can recommend them as just a door, or they can recommend a panel with added features. From insulation to security and fireproofing – the access panel enhances any space and for a fraction of a cost that some clients may think will be the best solution. Not to mention, access panels can be easily concealed to suit the surroundings – even metal access panels can be coated with a white powder that can be painted over.

Going with an access panel can be both a smart investment but a problem solver as well. They are a building product that is sometimes underrated because they are not commonly used; however, thanks to contractors who are seasoned in the field and industry – they know that an access panel can do much more than just be a flat surface.

To learn more about the various access panels, both clients and contractors can visit online shops such as Best Access Doors or Access Doors and Panels to see some of their top-selling panels but also speak with their knowledgeable representatives.