How To plaster walls and ceilings - the top 10 sites
2,449 views Dec 13, 2018
Plastering walls or ceilings can be incredibly difficult but even with basic skills you can deliver a good DIY job. At Talk.Build we have looked at the huge range of blogs, general advice and instructions available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of building materials.

For your convenience we have listed 10 of the best “How to plaster a wall” blogs and guides and as we have no affiliations to any individual suppliers, it is for you to decide what works for you.

  1. Building Materials Company

One of the better guides showing how to plaster a wall in nine easy steps

      2. British Gypsum

As one of the country’s leading manufacturers this How to guide is obviously aimed at its own products but also gives a more general guide to all types of plastering and may be better suited to the beginner.  

      3. Homebuilding and Renovating

This is a more interesting guide as it tries to give useful tips covering a range of different plastering challenges.  

       4. DIY Doctor

This website readily acknowledges that plastering can be difficult but concentrates on the finished job, the actual final coat or skim, which obviously has to look flat on completion.  

        5. Dave’s Tips

We like this site as it really tries to appeal to the beginner. Dave is an experienced plasterer and reckons it’s easy – but then it probably is for him.  

         6. Able Skills

This is a site that assume you have never plastered a wall before and really does get down to the basics. We all know of course it’s not as easy as it’s made out – but well worth a look.

         7. Real Homes

This is advice for those of us who live in old homes. Plastering is a more of a challenge in such buildings and this is where you will get the best tips if you have an older property.

         8. The Spruce

Keeping on the theme of old homes The Spruce takes it one stage further by discussing plaster and lath. If your home features such walls and ceilings then this is for you.  

          9. Artex Ltd

Probably one of the biggest plastering challenges and a throwback to all those 80’s style properties this How to guide shows you the best way to plaster over Artex. Good luck.  

          10. Dummies

Finally in our top 10 and the one that most find easier is a guide to how to repair cracks. These easy to follow instructions are worth a look.